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The military comprises the army, navy, air force, and Marine Corps. While approximately 85% of workers are enlisted men and women, the other 15% are officers. If you become a military officer, you would manage enlisted personnel in day-to-day and military objectives. The military is involved in more than just combat. You may be involved in some of the other areas such as construction, engineering, healthcare, human resources, public relations, protective service, support services (including food, social care, and spiritual well-being,) and logistics.

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You will need to be physically and mentally fit to become a military officer. There are Federal Service Military Academies (army, naval, and air force) that train military officers in a number of different skills. As well as man-management and leadership, you would likely specialize in one of the previously mentioned areas e.g. transportation or engineering. These bachelor degrees generally last four years. Being single is a requirement for Federal Service Military Academy. There are other routes available to become a military officer. You could study your degree and then earn a commission through the Officer Training School (OTS) or Officer Candidate School (OCS.) Sponsorship for fees may be available for subjects such as medicine if you agree to commit to serving a minimum term. Finally, the Reserve Officer's Training Corps (ROTC) is the third route available to become a military officer. This combines both military training (generally several hours per week) with standard academic lectures and study. These scholarships offer further education costs in exchange for an agreed length of military service on graduation.

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